Colors Of Phuket

Thailand has a lot to offer, apart from the obvious of course! The beaches, forests, mountains, the sleepless cities , you will get all of that and more in Thailand.

Its innumerable islands with the pristine beaches will ensure that you have an eclectic mix of the perfect exotic getaway along with a buzzing nightlife.


One such destination is Phuket. An hour by air from Bangkok , it is one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations, which obviously implies that it is thronged by people from all over the world almost all year round.But let that not discourage you from discovering what an exciting city Phuket can be. Having been there twice myself I can safely say Phuket keeps the promise to entertain.

Comprising of many beaches, the city’s most popular beach is the Patong Beach. Why you may ask, well it’s the centre of the nightlife of Phuket and is a replica of the notorious city of Pattaya. The walking street at Patong is one of the busiest streets even at the wee hours of the night. Stay here if nonstop partying is your agenda, otherwise you could opt for accommodation at the comparatively quieter Karon beach or Kata beach.


Way To Khai Island

During your stay at Phuket , keep a day to visit the famous Phi-Phi island and enjoy some snorkeling as you feast your eyes on the beautiful marine life the waters there have to offer. You will also pass through Maya  Bay and the James Bond island on your way there. Take the day just to laze around, sunbathe and eat some delicious seafood on the island. You can make this experience even better by checking into one of the fine resorts on the island for a one day stay if time permits you. You could even opt for a dive there. Another island to visit is the relatively smaller Khai island, which is just an hour away from the city. Crowded yet beautiful, you can enjoy swimming in the turquoise waters here after a thrilling snorkeling trip.

20130715_225453Nights are best reserved for hanging out at Patong Beach, where you can walk your way around to explore the many hotspots.

Enjoy the wine coolers while you stroll on the walking street or sit down at one of the numerous bars or cocktail cars and enjoy a round of drinks with your friends. Don’t forget to get a Traditional Thai massage and gorge on some delicious Thai food during your trip there.


Thai Fare

A must visit is “Pum’s restaurant and cooking class” which serves the most amazing Thai food. You could also book a cooking class here and take back home with you just more than memories!

Another touristy thing to do here is to catch the Fantasea show, which is roughly a 2 hours and is mostly in Thai. Personally i wouldn’t recommend it, but in all fairness, I dozed off after the first ten minutes of the show!


 If you are looking to go during a quieter time, then August and September work better , although there are chances of rains. The season time begins October onwards and if you are looking to have a really good time, then you must visit during the Phuket Beach carnival that happens in December.

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