A Trip To Nubra Valley-Ladakh

Home to the most beautiful white sand dunes and Bactrian camels, Nubra Valley is situated some 150 kms away from Leh.


Bactrian Camels

Also known as the Valley of Flowers, one can see a variety of flora during the months of June and July here. Irrigated by the Shyok River, the vegetation consists of fruit bearing trees like apple, apricot, almond and seabuckthorn berries amongst others.

It is the only place in India and one of the few places in the world to home the Bactrian Camel Species or the doubled humped camels.


Diskit Monastery


Statue of Maitreya Buddha

What’s fascinating about this place is that it is a beautiful desert in the midst of snow capped mountains! The pristine landscape alongside the Shyok River takes you to another world all together.  The valley offers you an unlikely experience with the simplest of means- sitting around a bonfire at night, a camel ride through the dunes, a walk through the sandy lanes, a visit to one of the most famous monasteries- the Diskit Monastery and a photo stop at the towering statue of Maitreya Buddha.

DSC03808You can stay at the comfortable camp-site called Organic Retreat, a half an hour drive from the Dunes.This place has the best tent accommodation in the area; all the meals cooked there are from organically farmed produce, grown on the property itself. If you are looking to find peace, serenity and calm, then this is definitely the place to spend your time at.

While driving from Leh to the Valley you will also pass through the world famous Khardungla 

DSC03822Pass, which is the world’s highest motor-able road at a height of 18380 ft. The rush of actually standing at the highest motor-able point in the world is incredible. Surrounded by snow and Buddhist prayer flags, this is a sight to be seen.

If you are adventurous enough, then you could also cycle your way from Leh  till Khardungla pass, its best to consult with a local agency there though.

Nubra Valley can be reached by a cab from Leh.






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