Strange Ways Of Pattaya

DSC02355A walk on Pattaya’s infamous ‘Walking Street’ is unlike any other walk that you would have ever taken in your life.

DSC02283Neon signs, cocktail cars, a buzz in the air and the ever so famous Thai massage spas, but really that’s not what will catch your eye here.  Before I continue further I’d like to say that my visit here was probably one of the weirdest experiences so far. Now where were we? Oh ya..about the whole ‘what will catch your eye here’. If you have the faintest idea about Pattaya then you will be well aware of the fact the Walking Street is not just some street where you can go down for a lovely evening stroll, in fact it is the Red Light area of  Pattaya that attracts hordes of tourists every year. Cheap booze and even cheaper sex and you find men of every nationality here!

DSC05379The women flaunting their wares aren’t the least bit shy in fact given a chance they would strut their stuff right there. While it was utterly confusing and slightly weird as to why would this be a popular destination in Thailand, it was also quite fascinating. The colors of the bright neon signs, the ever so eager hawkers trying to sell you some of the weirdest food you have ever seen and the persuasion by  people managing the ‘Go-go bars’ to come and see the notorious ‘Ping Pong’ shows is something else.  I won’t really get into the details of what a Ping-Pong show really is, that I think a person deserves to know about on their own and then probably remain scarred for the rest of their lives…well atleast I am! And well this is some very explicit stuff, so be well prepared and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

DSC05404But for those who can willing to look beyond these sights and sounds of the Walking Street I’d suggest a nice evening with your friends sipping on some deliciously cheap cocktails from one of the many cocktail cars, then head to one of the spas for an authentic Thai massage and lastly go for the wonderfully amazing ‘Tiffany’s Show’. The Tiffany’s show is an all transvestite cabaret and is upto the mark with Cabarets of Las Vegas.

DSC05482This is not your sleazy Pattaya stuff, but a very entertaining show that will leave you spellbound. Advisable to make you bookings in advance as this does tend to get full. And really these transvestites could very well give some of the hottest women in Thailand a run for their money.

Tiffany’s is definitely something that shouldn’t be missed while you are in Pattaya. Another fun way to kill your night here is the Hard Rock Foam party that happens every Saturday night. The Lucifer Disco is also supposed to be another partying hotspot, I did actually check this place out and was out of there in exactly 5 minutes, not my cup of tea but hey who knows it could work for you!


DSC02303A visit to Pattaya is incomplete without a day spent at the Coral island. Take one of the ferries and head to the often crowded but beautiful island for a day of fun and sun and some mouthwatering food! You could just lay on your sun bed all day sipping some margaritas or you could indulge yourself in some watersports or even underwater walking! A nice relaxing swim in the turquoise waters should help you unwind after a long night of partying at the Walking Street.


 A visit to Pattaya should not be extended for more than two days really, unless you have other agendas. Maybe men would think otherwise, but anyway I’d suggest visiting this place just so that you can finally know what the hue and cry about this destination is. After this visit you will be immune to anything scandalous for sure! You can call it the poor man’s Amsterdam but with much less class and much more crass!

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