5 Alternate Activities You Must Plan Your Next Vacation Around

I believe that traveling isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. And what better way to enjoy your vacation than to plan it around any one of the following! 1. Sky Diving Yes, sky diving takes the top spot on my list and I can happily say that I have ticked it off already! There is something about jumping off a plane 10,000 feet high and the short but totally amazing free fall is one of the best feelings you’ll ever have. There are many certified Tandem dive centers around the world where you could give this a shot. I did my dive while vacationing in Mauritius with Sky Dive Austral Mauritius.63648524_2b32a950af_z

2. Go On A Safari
How amazing is it to see wild animals in their natural habitat and not in confined spaces. I have always imagined going on a safari vacation, Africa obviously is right at the top of my choices, but closer home too there are some beautiful spots where you can sight the beautiful Bengal Tigers (Ranthambore in Rajasthan) or herds of wild elephants (Masinagudi in Tamil Nadu). If crocodiles are your thing then why not visit the Bhitarkanika National Park in Orissa where you will see these beautiful wild creatures usually soaking up the sun!

3. Go Hiking
Go to the hills, take a walk among the tall Cedar trees, inhale the pollution free air and feel alive again. The Swiss alps may immediately come to you mind when you think of a hike to remember, but closer home the Himalayas wont disappoint you either. Known to be one of the best areas for hiking, you could choose from tons of options; from Triund in Dharamshala to the Roopkund trek in Uttarakhand, the options are never ending. So grab those boots and take a hike!

4. Attend A Local Festival
Atleast once in your life plan a vacation that involves experiencing the local culture to the maximum. It may sound too cliche but are you actually going to deny that you will enjoy the Oktoberfest in Germany or the Tomatina festival in Spain? Closer home take a trip to Ladakh where you can enjoy the Hemis Festival in all its glory
5. Take a ‘Foodcation’
Yes that’s a word that I just made up and believe me it’s a completely good word! When traveling, I have always made it a point to try out the local cuisine, I believe one can learn a lot about the place from the food the people there eat. Food is sure to bring a smile on your face, whether it’s trying the famous ‘Yakhni Pulav’ in Kashmir or a vibrant Sushi platter in Tokyo, food never let’s you down! So on your next vacation ensure that you go food trailing!


Have your own things to add to my list? Go on then and share it below
Happy Travels!
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One thought on “5 Alternate Activities You Must Plan Your Next Vacation Around

  1. Diganth

    Wow.. Love it. your writing is very nice and all the images are wonderful. Keep it up! I also would like to share my experience for Ranthambore tiger reserve.

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