Restaurant Review: The Sassy Spoon (Bandra, Bombay)


The SassySpoon Bandra opened its doors to the suburban Bombayite a couple of months back and boy am I glad it did!

This was one restaurant I had heard a lot about but was too lazy to travel all the way to Nariman Point, so when they did open a branch in Bandra, I was more than excited to try out the food that a lot of people had been raving about.


IMG_20150118_005837Located on Hill Road (Bandra), previously where Mocha Mojo had held fort for quite some time, The Sassy Spoon has a very welcoming ambiance with its almost white decor and pops of colors here and there. I found it to be quite similar to a lot of French cafes in its decor and style. The staff is courteous and even during rush hour manage to hold you back from changing your mind and going somewhere else. I didn’t mind waiting 15 minutes to get a table, the staff ensured that they didn’t make me feel unattended.


The smoothie & Emmenthal souffle

With service receiving full marks, let’s move on to the carefully curated menu of The Sassy Spoon. They do have a large range of wines and some pretty impressive cocktails in addition to the general host of drinks one can find on a wine & beverage menu. I decided to be a teetotaler that day and tried one of the blueberry and strawberry smoothie with chia seeds. It was nicely presented and tasted great. Moving on to the starters I decided on the twice baked emmenthal soufflé which was served with a slice of green apple and a candied walnut salad, I had a little Masterchef judge moment there as I cut open the fluffy soufflé and it broke into two perfect pieces. The texture was light and fluffy and went really well with the candied walnuts, only suggestion – I wish they had added a bit more of the walnuts and apple in the serving.


Mushroom & Spinach Flat Bread

I also tried their flat bread of the day – a large helping of mushrooms, spinach doused with the perfect amount of cheese on a freshly prepared flat bread. Although I was expecting a rather small quantity (fine dining stereotypes) and had hence ordered 2 mains to try, but the flat bread was actually a pretty large serving in itself!

Unlike many European/Mediterranean restaurants I’ve been to, The Sassy Spoon has a larger array of dishes to choose from, with an ample amount of vegetarian options as well.
So I decided to try out both a vegetarian as well as a non vegetarian option. The vegetarian dish we chose was from their skillet servings – mushroom and water chestnut in mac & cheese, and for the non vegetarian option I decided to try out the baby lamb leg in a wine jus with roasted cauliflowers and new potatoes.

Baby Lamb Leg with Roasted Veggies


Mac & Cheese Skillet

Both dishes tasted really great and the quantity was quite generous. The lamb was tender and the potatoes and the cauliflower was roasted just the right amount to give it that smoky taste. Although we were pretty full with the food, we could not wait to order dessert, since the restaurant is quite famous for the same.


Basil & Pine Nut Ice Cream With EVOO

They actually have a separate dessert menu on its own, and not just 4 options on the last page of the main menu. Now that I love! While everything in it looked tempting, I decided to go in for the weirdest sounding one- home made basil and pine nut ice cream with extra virgin olive oil! Yes you read that right; basil and olive oil in ice cream! Weird right? But let me tell you that it was one of the best ice creams I’ve had in all 26 years of my life. This I would say is a must try at The Sassy Spoon.

For all of this I picked a tab of around Rs. 3100, which I think is quite worth the service and the quality plus the quantity of food and drinks I had. I absolutely recommend The Sassy Spoon to all those who still haven’t eaten there! I am definitely looking forward to my second visit soon.

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