5 completely unconventional ways to use BACON in your food!!

I am sure you all will agree when I say that there can never be something such as – too much bacon!
We love having a fair share of bacon in our sandwiches, burgers or with some eggs. So in an attempt to honour the ever so delicious bacon, here are a couple of ways you can have your bacon!

Bacon Jam

Yes, you read that right, bacon jam is actually a thing! Move over marmalade and cranberry jam, because something much more yummier is about to become our daily spread! Slow cooked with onions, vinegar, spices and sugar, this makes for quite the topping. Get the full recipe here.


Bacon Guacamole

Waaat??!! We got bacon in guacamole now! As if guacamole wasn’t delicious by itself, man decided to go and add some bacon to it. This exciting mix of avocados, onions and bacon is a sure shot winner. Use it as a dip or as a cracker topping, and you are definitely going to love it. Get the full recipe here.

Bacon Butter

You don’t even have to taste this to know that it is going to be a winning combination. I mean what can make toast better, let me see..how about bacon butter! This easy to make recipe includes only 2 ingredients – heavy cream and bacon and lots of whipping. Get the full recipe here

Bacon Crab Dip

Combine one of the best sea food meat with the most amazing red meat and what do we have? A piping hot bacon crab dip! This sinful combination of crabs, bacon, sour cream, cream cheese and mayonnaise with onions and peppers makes quite the dip. Enjoy it on bruschettas or simply as a chip dip. Get the full recipe here

Bacon Vinaigrette

Salads can get a bit boring, but you can now make them much more tastier by simply dousing it with some bacon vinaigrette! A quick and easy fix, this can add layers of flavours to your salad. It’s a simple simple recipe using bacon bits, shallots, vinegar, orange juice and brown sugar along with garlic and olive oil. Get the full recipe here.

Because bacon is the main reason you are not a vegetarian.

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