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Traveling is not a luxury but a necessity. It broadens one’s outlook towards the world, makes you tolerant, lets you experience cultures apart from your own, leaves you with friends around the world and gives you an education beyond that of a classroom.

Traveling needn’t be expensive or always to some exotic location. Look around you, there is so much to see and explore. Barely a few miles from your city you will find a destination to travel to, every place is surrounded with something beautiful and interesting, it only takes a will to see that. There are many stories waiting to be heard by you.


While travel may seem expensive to some, treat it like an investment. Set a goal for yourself, figure out how much money you will need to turn your dream destination into a reality and work towards it. Cut back on the weekend beers and put that money aside for something much more valuable.

Travel may not pay you back in terms of cash, but the experience and memories you gain from seeing a new place are worth much more than monetary benefit.

No amount of surfing the internet or reading travel magazines or even listening to your friend’s travel tales will make you truly understand the anatomy of a place, the only way to do it is to have an experience of your own.

Make an effort to go see the world, there are lots of ways to do it without spending a small fortune. Volunteer to teach; lots of countries have a program where volunteers can come and stay for a few months and teach English. Accommodation and food are usually taken care of by your host, another way to save on accommodation is to couch surf. You can even opt for youth hostels or go sign up for group backpacking tours. The possibilities are endless if you are truly determined to make it happen.

The want to travel is a positive sign, a sign that you love life and are hopeful. You love to look at the positive side of things, you are always looking ahead. A traveler is one who tries to find happiness in little things. He values life and wants to do more than just a 9 to 5 with it.

Travel now when you are young and have comparatively less responsibilities, and when you grow older, make the time to travel atleast once a year.

Live a life where you can look back and say you lived it to the fullest, that you enriched your soul and mind with unforgettable journeys and maybe have a wicked story or two to tell!

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