DDLJ, Fondue & The Swiss Alps, Courtesy Engelberg.

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Engelberg is small resort town in Obwalden area of Switzerland.It’s fairly small and quiet, and the locals are usually asleep by 8 in the evening! 
The town has picturesque views of the Swiss alps on all sides and is the home to the famous Mt. Titlis. 
Tourists and travelers usually miss staying a few days in this town as its not always part of a travel package as such, but a stay here over before you head to Lucerne is highly recommended to experience the old world charm of a small Swiss town, as well as spending a day at Mt. Titlis. So, post you stay in Zurich, do make some time for Engelberg.
Getting There: Take a train from Zurich to Lucerne. Lucerne to Engelberg is very well connected via hourly trains.

Day 1
Upon arriving at Engelberg from Zurich, check into your hotel (I stayed at The Central Hotel) and take the day off to explore the town.
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Visit the lake which is quite close to the cable car station and it is bound to bring out the photographer in you. A walk down the trail by the lake is sure to leave you pleased. Have a cup of deliciously frothy swiss coffee and some cake at any of the numerous small restaurants and cafes in the area and include a visit to Coop; a supermarket that has a variety of Swiss groceries. Take your pick of cheese, preserved meats and chocolates to carry back home.
Dinner is best had in the hotel itself if you want to eat late, as most independent restaurants shut down early.
Day 2
Wake up to see the beautiful play of the sun over the mountain peaks as it rises. It’s a sight to be relished, watching the gleaming sunshine on the mountain top.
Post breakfast at your hotel, the entire day should be dedicated for a visit to Mt. Titlis. Walk down to the cable car station from your hotel and take a ride to the top of the world! The breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps are best experienced from the Rotair- the world’s first revolving gondola.
Once you reach the base, you are greeted by none other than Raj and Simran aka Shahrukh Khan and Kajol! Before you get ecstatic let me tell you that its just a carboard cutout of their characters from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, nevertheless as an Indian I felt really happy seeing some kind of representation there.
Choose from a number activities that are on offer. Skiing is quite popular in this region during the winter, if you are not experienced, you can try a number of other snow activities like the cliff walk and the ice flyer for a rush of adrenaline, toboggan rides and a walk through the glacier cave. Head down for some delicious lunch at the restaurant post which you can enjoy some Movenpick ice creams at the parlor there.Had you fill of the snow, then take back the gondola ride to Engelberg to enjoy a leisurely stroll in the evening or just sit in you hotel balcony reading a book while the splendid Swiss Alps surround you.
The next morning take a train from the station and head out to Lucerne for some serious shopping. You can choose to spend the night at Lucerne itself or if you aren’t done with the beauty of Engelberg, take a train back here again!
Must Dos
Try some authentic cheese fondue
Take a ride on the Ice Flyer at Mt. Titlis
Have a scoop of Movenpick ice cream, the Swiss claim it to be the one of the best ice creams you will ever have
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