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PhotoGrid_1437247081565Whether its a cosy get-together at home or a movie night, one always enjoys some light snacking and finger foods. Be it your piping hot pakoras, chicken nuggets, chips or crackers, all of these best go with some sort of a dip. I am a big fan of the whole chip and dip concept and I prefer the fresh homemade dip over the packaged ones that are full of preservatives. But obviously as much as i like these dips, my laziness gets the better of me and I barely end up making any at home. Thankfully I discovered Le Pot, a Bombay based catering service for gourmet dips and spreads who are now also venturing into salads. As a part of their promotions I luckily got to sample their new menu of dips and I can safely say that they were fresh, delicious and flavorsome. I tried the three new flavours – Hot Cheesy Mushroom, Smokey Corn & Jalapeno, and ┬áRoasted Red Bell Pepper, while all three flavours were delicious my favourite was the Smokey Corn & Jalapeno.


The best part about these dips are that they are freshly prepared and have a shelf life of just 10 days when refrigerated, which goes to prove that they aren’t loaded with artificial preservatives. These can be enjoyed with potato wafers, fries, fish fingers, lavash, pita bread and a lot of other finger foods. I even used the Corn & Jalapeno dip as a sandwich spread and it tasted quite good!

It gets a 10 on taste and hygiene, the only con here would be the pricing, it is slightly on the higher side with the mushroom dip at Rs. 350, the corn one at Rs. 200 and the bell pepper one at Rs. 280, all at a good quantity of 200 gms though. But if its fresh and good food that you want, then paying a slightly higher price should be ok, because this is definitely better than your store bought dips. So do give it a try!

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