Restaurant Review: Where Else Cafe (Pune)

It has actually been a little over a month since I visited Where Else Cafe in Pune and had a chance to try out the breakfast delicacies served here throughout the day! I’m a big breakfast person, the kind that will eat Eggs Benedict for lunch and pancakes for dinner. So when I heard that someone I went to college with was actually opening such a place in Pune, I just had to visit.


It has a comfortable indoor seating space, as well as a spacious outdoor area as well. The use of quirky decor and pop art to give the place a young vibe is evident fromt he colors to the prints used on the walls.


Frequented by college students and families alike, the cafe does serve some great food, and the owners themselves can been seen working round the clock and taking a personal interest in your experience there. They are open to suggestions, will themselves tell you what to order and what not to, the place not only serves good food, but serves it with a generous amount of honesty.

Now getting to the food. We had an order of Eggs Cooked Your Way, Fresh Fruit Pancakes, Ranch Fries, Iced Tea and Hot Chocolate. The eggs were perfect and were accompanied by Caramelized Onions, Hash Brown Potatoes and Toasted Pav (buns). I’d give this dish a 10 on 10. The Iced Tea was pure bliss, the best I’ve had. It was actual tea and not just the instant powder mix. It was so good that i had 2 glasses. The other thing that really packed a punch was the Ranch Fries; a heady mix of crisp fries with bacon, sour cream and cheese. This is what a dream breakfast looks like!


For something sweet we tried the Fresh Fruit Pancakes and Hot Chocolate With Marshmallows. I am not a hot chocolate fan since its way to milky for my liking, but this was different, it tasted just like thick melted chocolate and had no taste of milk whatsoever, i personally loved it!



They also have a dedicated menu for Parsi specials on the weekends where you can feast on authentic Parsi dishes such as Salli Boti, Dhansak, Salli Margi etc. If this wasnt enough, let me tell yout that this Cafe is 100% pet friendly and you can walk in with your dog and have a meal for two. Yes you heard that right! One page of their menu is actually dedicated to treats for your furry friend!

Where Else Cafe is located at Lunkad Skymax, Viman Nagar and has been open for business since just a few months, but by the looks of it it has found its loyal fan following. A novelty for that particular area, Where Else Cafe has caught the fancy of many. While they await their bar permit, (yes, breakfast and beer is going to happen soon!) there is every reason for anyone visiting Pune and people who live in Pune to try out the fabulous breakfast here. With great food and reasonable pricing, and also being pet friendly, I only hope they open in Bombay soon!

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