Restaurant Review: Villa Vandre, Bombay

Cute and cozy is what you will think when you walk into the tiny little cafe that is Villa Vandre. With a seating capacity of not more than 12-14 at a time, this tiny Bandra eatery has still managed to grasp the attention of many. Don’t let it’s tiny size and Parisian decor fool you, the place has some serious brawn when it comes to the food.┬áChef Aloo’s (ex Sanchos) eclectic menu at Villa Vandre does not restrict you to just one cuisine alone, you can have Mutton Dhansak and Brown Rice while your friend enjoys Bangers & Mash! The menu is well curated and inspired by the chef’s travels around the world.

During my visit I tried the Mutton Dhansak with Brown Rice, the Prawn Curry served with eteamed rice, Homemade East Indian Sausage Fry with mashed potatoes and a fried egg, Rosemary Potatoes and Prawns in Olive Oil, all of this accompanied by fresh Watermelon Juice that came in an adorable little bottle.

IMG_20150816_222740The portion of the sides felt tiny but delicious nevertheless. I kind of treated them more like starters than sides, while i waited for my main course to be served. Very basic and simply done, both the prawns and the potatoes were quite tasty. I particularly enjoyed the watermelon juice due to the cute bottle it came in.

Looking to the main course, the coastal prawn curry was absolutely delicious, the touch of okra in the curry enhanced the taste and the portion was quite good for one. I loved the presentation, the crockery was quite different, much like eating at a fancy canteen! The mutton dhansak was quite homely, felt like I was eating at a Parsi home. The meat was succulent and beautifully fell off the bone, served with aromatic long grain brown rice and salad, it is one of the best items on the menu. The sausage fry was served in a skillet and rested on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes and was topped with a half fried egg. It was beyond great!

IMG_20150816_213055 (1)

Prawn Curry & Mutton Dhansak

I would give 10 on 10 to Villa Vandre for it’s food.While everything that I tried out was non vegetarian, they do have some great options for vegetarians as well. In addition to serving such meals, the cafe also has a sizeable sandwich and salad selection and is known to serve breakfast as well. The lack of alcohol wont even bother you, as such great food should be enjoyed purely by itself. Since my first visit, I have already been here thrice and would be going there soon again.

What I loved about the food here was that it wasn’t trying too be too restaurant-y, it was just all about the right flavours and combinations of ingredients. This is a must for all foodies in Bombay, don’t let the tiny size of the place discourage you.

Location: Shop 3, Mayflower, New Kantwadi road, off Perry Cross road, Pali Hill, Bandra W, Mumbai

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3 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Villa Vandre, Bombay

  1. Riel Fernandes

    I Visited the place on Sunday 31 Jan 2016 – Was Late and hence missed Breakfast.. The place even though small was cozy and comfortable, I met Aloysius after many years, East Indian sausages was really good – The Chicken Burger was massive and tasty – My wife and daughter enjoyed the Meal – Overall a very good experience..

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