Restaurant Review: Light House Cafe (Bombay)

In a place like Bombay where new cafes and restaurants are cropping up almost every week, it becomes difficult to stand out and become a public favorite, especially if location isn’t on your side. Tucked away in an inconspicuous lane in Khar, there is a high possibility that people might miss this wonderful restaurant unless they have specifically come looking for it, thanks to the word of mouth publicity this place has been getting. I too wasn’t aware Light House Cafe had been up and running since the last 4 months. Once word reached me, I decided to try it out for brunch.

The first thing you see is a door with industrial pipes and fittings, and as you walk in you are suddenly in a place that seems to have borrowed the colour palette from Greece and filled with some interesting Industrial decor. All white with quirky pieces such as electronic candelabras and old light bulbs that serve as hanging flower vases!

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This place is actually pretty spacious by Bombay standards and very well done up. Moving on to the food, the menu draws inspiration from varied cuisines and you can be sure to find dishes that are Indian, Italian, Vietnamese, Mexican, American, Thai, Continental, Spanish etc. The wine and beverages menu is quite exhaustive and has a lot of fun options as well like test tube shots and flaming cocktails. While I did not try any of the cocktails or shots during my visit, I definitely tried out some tapas, pizza and pasta along with my iced tea.

Tapas comprised of some delightful Prawn Cakes and Mushroom Crostini. The Prawn Cakes were absolutely fantastic and were the melt in mouth kind, each bite was flavourful. It was served with a Tartar Sauce and Lime Mesclun. The Mushroom Crostinis were were really nice as well. Also ordered a side of Mashed Potatoes which we had as a starter itself, because lets face it, mashed potatoes are pretty darn delicious and this one didn’t disappoint either.

IMG_20150921_210651For the mains we ordered a Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza and a vegetarian Penne Arrabiata. The 10 inch pizza was thin crust with a topping of BBQ marinated chicken, pineapples, red onions and jalapenos. It was perfect. So perfect that I finished it all by myself! The Penne Arrabiata too was quite good and I think would be a hit with the vegetarians (my vegetarian friend seemed to quite enjoy it).



While I may not have had a lot to try here during my first visit, it was definitely good enough for me to want to go there again. I would love to visit again, but this time for dinner, I have heard the place is quite lively and buzzing at night.

So if anyone is looking to try out a new place in Bombay, do visit the Light House Cafe, you wont be disappointed.

Location: 3rd Lane. opp 3 Wise Monekeys, Khar west, Bombay

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