Restaurant Review: Town Hall (Delhi)

Sometime last month I happened to visit Delhi on work and decided to stay the weekend. Having last visited Delhi some 3 to 4 years back, I was determined to make the most of time here indulging in various culinary delights. The usual suspects like Momos and Butter Chicken were relished and in addition to that I tried some mouthwatering Asian cuisine at Town Hall in Khan Market thanks to my friend. Now Khan Market is one area were you are bound to find something to excite your palate and although I had been to some other cafes and restaurants here, Town Hall I hadn’t even heard of. But I trusted my friend’s choice and was pleasantly surprised!

The restaurant is built on two levels; one indoors and one section which is rooftop. Being a Sunday, we weren’t lucky enough to get a table on the terrace, but managed a few drinks at the bar there before heading downstairs for our meal.


We started with a ginormous community bowl of a cocktail called The Talk Of the Town which tasted as great as it looked. Ideally it’s made with Vodka as the base, but we asked them to replace it with White Rum and it was really really good! A handful of rose petals, tuberose, some slices of orange and elderflower cordial also made their way into the drink. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to try a cocktail there.

IMG_20151121_165117 (1) 20151121_142956To snack on with our cocktail we ordered two portions of dim-sums; one was a Prawn & Chives and the other was a Chicken Spinach with a spicy sauce. Both were absolutely fantastic, I was tempted to order some more but decided to keep some space for the mains to follow. Absolutely loved the topping of the spicy sauce on the chicken dim-sums. The only problem I had was with the quantity. I am used to having atleast 6 pieces of dim-sums in a plate at most restaurants, and at the price that they were charging I think 4 pieces were just too less.

20151121_143038 20151121_142841 Moving on to something much more filling we called for one of their sharing platters, which is basically a combination of 4 to 5 dishes served on a single large platter. It makes for great bar food as well. We ordered the Asian Sampling Plate which had helpings of Fish Taichi, Chicken In Pandan Leaf, Shrimp Tempura, Lotus Honey and Vegetables With Sesame. My favourites were the tempura and the lotus, the rest were pretty good too. This is something that I would definitely order again.

20151121_145423While we were pretty full by now, we just couldn’t leave without trying some Chicken Khao Suey. Its one of those dishes that I consider as comfort food and only a few places can get it right, and Town Hall did a pretty impressive job I must say. The coconut gravy was fantastic. It wasn’t too sweet and had well balanced flavours. It was definitely good , but not better than the one at Trikaya (Bombay).

Screenshot_2015-12-13-17-14-54I didn’t get a chance to try any of the desserts as we wanted to save that for Big Chill Cakery (Which was heavenly btw!). All in all I would definitely recommend this place if you are big on Asian food and don’t mind spending a little. I think our total bill came up to Rs.2800 approximately, which isn’t that bad. The ambiance is quite nice especially if you get a table at the terrace, the indoors is more cosy, so whatever your preference is.


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