Restaurant Review: RUKA (Juhu, Mumbai)

I may have developed a serious sushi addiction and discovering Ruka has just made it worse! Ruka at The Ramee Guestline in Juhu not only offers delectable sushi, but makes sure that you are spoilt for choice with over 30 types of Sushi, Sashimi and Maki Rolls. The ambience is classy and minimal with a full view of the live kitchen and sushi counter, a well stocked bar and a dimly lit smoking section with water elements that complement Oriental themed restaurants as the one in question.

Courteous staff and skilled bartenders will ensure that you have a pleasant experience even before your food arrives, and when it does, you will be more than pleasantly surprised. I tried 4 items from their sushi menu and loved each one.

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First up was the Salmon & Avocado maki roll with sesame and tempura crumble coating. I loved the little addition of the tempura crumble, it gave a nice crispy texture to roll and added quite a bit of flavor.

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Then came the all time favorite- the California Rolls! Soft crab meat with a combination of avocado and mayonnaise coated with tobiko aka fish roe. It tasted as good as it looked!

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I also tried the Spicy Tuna Rolls which is my favorite kind of sushi and the other sushi I had there was the Yellowtail sushi. Now I have always limited myself to salmon, crab and tuna when it comes to sushi and this was the first time I tried Yellowtail and although it had a slightly fishy smell, I quite enjoyed the taste. All the platters were served with pink ginger, wasabi and soy sauce.

To give mu Sushi some company I asked the bartender to make me something of his choice using Pimm’s (a type of an aperitif). He made me a delightful blend of fresh fruits and Pimm’s which was so good that I asked for one more.

unnamed (1)

Despite being quite full, I did want to try some main course and picked the Grilled Chicken Khao Suey. Quite aromatic and full of fresh Thai flavours, it was nice to mix this up with all that I had been feasting on for a while. Its a generous portion and is quite filling for two if you have had a serving or two of sushi before this.


While the food is extremely drool-worthy and has repeat value, the pricing can be a bit of a pinch. Average cost for two with a couple of drinks will be atleast Rs.4000. Unless you are decadent when it comes to eating out, Ruka is best saved for special occasions. If you decide to just try the sushi then you can have two varieties (12 pieces) for Rs. 1400 approximately. I would definitely recommend you try the sushi here, it is one of the finer places in Bombay to serve sushi.

Location: Ramee Guestline Hotel, Juhu.

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