When Vegetarian Food Bowled Me Over! Restaurant Review: Agashiye, Ahmedabad

A little late in putting up this review, you can say that I was still reeling under the amazing after effects of having this sumptuous thali! Just kidding, I was just lazy, but hey like they say…but late than never!

Last month I had the opportunity to visit the city of Ahmadabad and spent a fruitful weekend there. While my main agenda was to attend the International Kite Festival (read all about it here), being the foodie that I am, I made sure to take out the time to sample some authentic Gujarati cuisine. Since I was in the city for just two days, I wanted to try out the best available thali and was advised by my wonderful hosts to have an opulent meal at Agashiye.

House Of M.G.

House Of M.G.

The restaurant is located in a heritage hotel called The House Of M.G.; which by the way is one beautiful piece of architecture.  As I walked into the hotel passing its baroque facade, I could already tell that this was going to be not just a meal, but an experience. Before you can head to the restaurant you have to select your thali option at the reception itself and make the payment first. They have a selection of two types of thalis; The Regular Thali and The Deluxe Thali. I opted for the Regular Thali simply because I wasn’t sure if I could actually finish off everything that was there on the Deluxe Thali menu. One little thing that was inconvenient was that if you are eating with someone else and that person wants to eat the Deluxe Thali and you the Regular one, then that is not possible unless you both sit on separate tables. We did try to reason with them, but in vain. That irked me a bit, but since I was here for the food I let it pass and finally went up to the restaurant.

20170108_120534The restaurant is tastefully done up; simple and elegant. There is an outdoor terrace section as well, but it being a hot afternoon we decided to sit indoors. We were the only ones at the restaurant anyway at that time.



The traditionally dressed waiters came to our tables and geared us up for the thali experience with a welcome drink of Guava and Pineapple, which was heavenly! I must have had atleast three glasses of the same. Then came the various kinds of pickles and chutneys along with a generous serving of dhoklas, choli ni kachori and some sprouts and chana salad. The mini kachoris were so yum especially with the garlic chutney. While I was happily munching on the starters, a large helping of Ker Sangri was put on my plate. Ker a shrub berry and Sangri, a bean of a flowering tree called Khejari come together to make this Marwari dish. While the origins of this dish lie in Rajasthan, it has also made it’s way into Gujarat thanks to the shared border. I love Ker Sangri, I had never tasted it until my trip to Rajasthan in 2015, and since then I have been a fan. The Ker Sangri at Agashiye was particularly tasty and I didn’t shy away from asking for more.


The main course consisted of Undhiyo (the quintessential winter dish), Rangoni Val (a kind of bean seeds), Gujarati Kadhi and Sweet Dal, all of which was accompanied by Phulka Roti, Puri, Gujarati Khichdi an steamed rice. All of it was so good that it was difficult not to ask for more, but I restrained myself as I had to leave some space for dessert as well, and am I glad I did! I kid you not, but the Roasted Almond Basundi was the best I have ever had till date. I am not even a fan of Basundi but this dessert made me change my mind. The hot jalebis too were delicious. You must dip these Jalebis in the basundi before eating them, it’s something else!

At a price of 1035 + taxes this meal was worth every penny spent, probably more. For vegetarians this is food paradise and for non vegetarians, trust me, you will be pleasantly surprised. Do make it a point to visit this wonderful restaurant if you are ever visiting Ahmedabad.

Location: Lal Darwaza, House Of M.G.

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