Restaurant Review: I Think Fitness Cafe, Bandra (Bombay)

Healthy is in and junk is out. This seems to be the new trend in food these days and cashing in on that is the latest health food eatery in town – I Think Fitness Cafe. Situated in Bandra (bye bye Krispy Kreme, hello I Think Fitness!) at Pali Naka, the cafe has a very welcoming vibe and is perfect for a Sunday brunch minus the mimosas if you please. Don’t worry their collection of healthy shakes and smoothies and Japanese teas make for a good accompaniment to the food. Eating gourmet health food to the sound of a French playlist and mild Sunday morning chatter from the tables will take your mind right to Paris. The outdoor seating is a blessing even in this Bombay heat as they have been generous with the air-conditioning units even outside! Now that’s a first I suppose.

Now coming to the food, we ordered a Banana Blueberry smoothie, a Banana Matcha smoothie, Sweet Chili Shrimp Roll, Eggs Benedict, The Immuno, a gluten free chocolate cake, and two Japanese green teas (flavoured) to end the meal.

The smoothies were really delicious but the quantity way to small for the price of Rs.200 a glass. These were the smallest smoothie glasses I have ever seen, come on guys a slightly bigger glass won’t hurt! Next was the Sweet Chili Shrimp Rice Paper Roll, What a delicious dish, this is definitely a must have. Served with peanut sauce and sweet chili sauce, each bite was a glorious mess, we had almost made up our minds to order one more but thankfully our mains arrived by then.

Sweet Chili Shrimp Roll

Sweet Chili Shrimp Roll

I am a fan of Eggs Benedict. It’s a staple breakfast item for me whenever I am eating out, I’ve had the best of them and the worst too unfortunately and the Eggs Benedict here surprised me with it’s creativity. Smoked salmon instead of ham and a base of double baked potato instead of the regular English muffin, I was delighted to dig into a healthier version of my favourite egg dish. The side of salad and baby beets was a welcome addition too. My friend had The Immuno which is probably one of their prettiest dishes; a helping of red beans millet¬†served with well grilled mushrooms and kale salad. So so good!

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

The Immuno

The Immuno

We did contemplate dessert, but on finding something kind of healthier than a regular dessert we did settle down for the gluten free chocolate cake. This was the only dish that I didn’t quite like, I mean it wasn’t bad but it didn’t wow either! The rest of the food had set a benchmark and this one quite didn’t sit there. I will be sure to try another option from their dessert menu next time.


We washed down our food with a cup of flavoured Japanese green tea simply because we didn’t feel like leaving so soon. All of this cost us Rs. 2600, yes the place is slightly expensive, but we didn’t mind too much as we left with our tummies full and palate satisfied! I definitely recommend this cafe to all those looking for something healthy, interesting and tasty. Do give it a try, I am sure to visit again.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Make the smoothie glasses taller and the desserts tastier and get a 5)

Location: Shop No 1 & 2, Carlton Court, Pali Road-Perry Road Junction (Opp. Bank of, India), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Must Haves: Sweet Chili Shrimp Roll, Eggs Benedict

Avoid: The Gluten Free Chocolate Cake


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One thought on “Restaurant Review: I Think Fitness Cafe, Bandra (Bombay)

  1. Brij Kapadia

    This is a haven for health food freaks like me. Thanks for the recommendation, visited after reading this and since then it is a favorite hangout of mine after workout

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