Izumi: Bombay’s Newest Ramen & Sushi Eatery

Japanese comfort food finds an all new meaning with the opening of Bandra’s newest eatery Izumi; a cosy ramen and sushi shop run by husband-wife duo Nooresha and Anil Kably who have a long line of loyal customers from their Sushi Koi days.

Izumi is non pretentious, homey and yet a somewhat hipster sushi and ramen shop whose main hero is its food. Unlike other Japanese eateries in town, Izumi has a select yet carefully crafted menu with sushi and ramen as its mainstays.

Difficult to get a table without atleast an hour long wait (they don’t take reservations), this newly opened restaurant has already managed to create ripples in the Bombay restaurant scene.

A few of us got dinner here recently and its safe to say that it’s going to be my new favourite place for both sushi and ramen in Bombay. As you walk in you see a tiny but tastefully architectured place; interesting lights, three compact tables and a few barstools around the main service area which is bound to make you wish for a little sake bar as well.

Everything on the menu looked delectable which made it too hard to choose, however we finally settled for a portion of their Crab Stick & Philly Cheese Sushi, a portion of Salmon & Avocado Sushi, a serving of Prawn Tempura with Wasabi Honey dip and four bowls of the Tonkotsu Ramen in Soy Tare.

Salmon  Avocado Sushi Roll

Salmon Avocado Sushi Roll (at Izumi)

Crab Stick & Philly Cheese Sushi Roll

Crab Stick & Philly Cheese Sushi Roll (at Izumi)

The sushi was delightful, and those who have been patrons of Sushi Koi will know what I am taking about. While I am a sucker for salmon, what really surprised me was the explosion of the heartwarming cheese when I bit into the Crab Stick & Philly Cheese Sushi. The flavours blended beautifully together creating a delightful experience for the palate. The serving is generous; 8 pieces of sushi per portion, perfect to order as a sharing plate!

Next we tried the Prawn Tempura which was served with an interesting honey wasabi dip. It was perfect!

Prawn Tempura with Honey Wasabi dip

Prawn Tempura with Honey Wasabi dip (at Izumi)

Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen (at Izumi)

We contemplated getting another portion of sushi but good sense prevailed and we went in for the ramen; after all that was what we had waited for for so long! The portion was huge and the taste was on point. All four of us ordered the same ramen and am I glad we did, because trust me, this is one bowl of ramen you wouldn’t want to share with anybody. The hearty bowl of Tonkotsu with its rich and creamy broth tantalises the tastebuds leaving you with the immediate desire for another spoonful. Every ingredient in that bowl was cooked to perfection; the succulent strips of pork, the subtle taste of fungi, the tender bamboo shoots and the soft boiled egg with its jelly-like yolk all came together to create an explosion of taste.

Their desert selection is short and sweet (no pun intended!) consisting of ice creams and Malabi; a Japanese milk pudding topped with seasonal fruits. We finished our dinner with a helping of Malabi which tasted and felt almost like a caramel custard. A pot of Jasmine tea was then shared to conclude the epic meal, because why not?! All of this for around INR 5000 which is a pretty good value considering the taste, quality and quantity of food.

I am going to continue to go come back here till I try atleast all of their ramen options. I definitely recommend this place a 100%.

Cost for two: 2500 approx.

Open for Dinner only (they should be open for lunch soon)

Location: Sunbeam, Perry Cross Road, Bandra W.

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